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I heard of star struck, but got damn yo!


This is kindah faggish and fishy don't you think? Wassup with peeing facing another dude Justin? This pic definitely raises a red flag with me, or should I say a RED FAG, LMMFAO!!!

Is this picture making Justin Timberlake appear suspect?


What woman doesn't love her vibrator or bullet?

Now is the time to get your freak on peoples. I have gained access to some of the kinkiest shit on the planet for both men and women y'all. I have vibrators, cock massagers, nipple clamps and a whole lot more! Plus you aint gonna believe this when I tell you my stuff is way better than that cheap shit you might see in a novelty store, plus my prices cant be beat! I know your saying alright Pj what's the catch? Yo that's the thing it aint no catch. Im a certified freak and all of you who visit my blogs know damn well I love women, booties, boobs, nipslips and all kinds of freaky shit, right. 

Well Ive decided to let you in on a little secret... I have a SEX BLOG! Yeah man, no bull shit! If you think Im bull shitting you click this link right now Sexpert Guru knows Sex!

My partner and I give sex parties too. Just like a Tuper Ware party but with lots and lots of kiny sex toys. 

Im a freak and Im proud of it, but the beauty of dealing with me is not everyone has to know that you are one too. I am willing to travel where ever you are to your home and show you the top of the line sex toys for him and her. Now ladies your man might be a little bashful, but thats not a problem anymore. How can he be bashful in the comforts of his own home? I do well with the ladies when I start showing off all these different creams and potions and vibrators. Holy shit both gay and straight women go nuts once I whip out all these colorful candy looking vibrators.

So do me a favor hit me up ASAP so I can show you and your mate some of these fantastic toys.


Presidential push Sarah Palin's in the house


Hey governor, If you were to produce real pictures like some of these doctored up fakes I bet you'd get alot  more votes come election time. That is if you decide to be the second woman to run actively for the presidential office. 

Kim Kardashian... Got Milk LOL


Now I'm just saying... after contemplating for several months on this I have to say Kanye really didn't surprise me with this one. The most controversial rapper in hip hop today would cap off his year by booing up and putting a baby in this fine ass, black girl booty having white sleaze huh? I mean it's just what he does, right? What do you think?
Accepting any and all comments especially from my sisters!


I aint afraid to tell it like it is



Finally we have a blogger who's unafraid to speak is mind!

Pj Vick blogger, writer, author, podcaster etc...

Ohio Players: Classic Throwback

@whosgotdirt2: OHIO PLAYERS

 Before their time? After posting Lisa Raye's picture album of her imitating the Ohio Players Honey album cover I was prepared to go on about my business and find something else to post about like I normally do but it seems like I opened a big ass can of worms. I'm not so sure that this post here is going to spark as much controversy that other post ignited but I will keep true to my words and share the Ohio Players album cover with those that enjoyed Lisa's album. 

I expect to get a few comments but not as many as I got from that original posting. Thanks for all the support  and feel free to share this post if you'd like!

WGD2's most talked about celebrities

@whosgotdirt2 has etched out a strong following of supporters due to writing good articles and sharing wonderful pictures. Today we're sharing WGD2's most talked about celebrities

Lil Kim has been dubbed the queen of nip slippage by WGD2 because of her ability to expose her nipples at the right time all throughout the mid 90's to the early 2000's 

Lilly Allen made todays post because of her beef with Katy Perry and her  ability to flash the entire breast at the right time.

Lindsay Lohan stays on pages because she's always doing something that not only keeps her in the news but any story thats connected to Lindsay normally has you shaking your head in amazement wondering How in the hell is this woman still a free woman?


Vintage celebrity dirt/gossip pics


Celebrity vintage pics presented by yours truly.

Aint nothing better than viewing classic celebrity throwback, so enjoy and please share these pics thanks.